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Asthma Attacks: Trigger and Treatment

When an asthma attack occurs, your bronchial tubes – the pathways that let air enter and leave the lungs become inflamed and the muscles surrounding the bronchial tubes – tighten.  This results in narrowing of the air passages, making breathing very difficult. Other symptoms may also appear including coughing and wheezing. An asthma attack can […]

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Near the I-485 and Providence Road, our Waverly office is easily accessible for patients seeking asthma care or allergy treatment south of the Charlotte metro area. Our Waverly allergy clinic is a short drive from Weddington or Matthews, and is open Tuesdays and Thursdays for appointments with an allergy specialist or for patients undergoing Immunotherapy (allergy shots). Appointments to diagnose your drug allergy, skin allergy, food allergy, and asthma symptoms can be made by calling 704.372.7900

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