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Our new Shelby location is now open. To better serve our patients in we’ve opened this new clinic in Cleveland County, making it much more convenient for patients to visit us for appointments and allergy shots. We hope to better serve the Shelby community and provide relief from season allergies, asthma and/or allergy symptoms from skin allergies or food allergies.

To schedule an appointment for allergy care or to manage your asthma, call 704-372-7900.

Shelby Asthma and Allergy Providers

Our trained medical professionals can assist you in diagnosing and treating your allergy or asthma symptoms. No matter which kind of allergy or asthma affects your quality of life, our Shelby team has the expertise to diagnose you and get you on the right path to treatment.

We do comprehensive allergy testing on children and adults to determine what’s causing your allergic reactions. Whether you have seasonal allergies, food allergies, or other sensitivities, we’re here to help. We will guide you through the testing process, explain results, and work with you to develop a personalized management plan.  We also offer evaluation and treatment of asthma and perform breathing tests to assess lung function.  If you’re feeling it is time to get your breathing under control, we can help.

Holidays Observed

Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center observes the following holidays. All of our locations will be closed on the dates below.

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