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Pollen and Mold Levels

Pollen counts are updated daily from February 15 to November 15.

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Current Trends

June 2019 - In general grass pollens tend to occur in the early part of the year. Grasses tend to peak in May and go into June and July. Weeds tend to me more of a Fall pollen but sometimes will show up at this time of the year as well. At the present time we are seeing a drop off in the tree pollens which is goof. We are starting to see grass pollens trend lower, but are still out there. The real culprit out there is probably the mold and mold spores. Mold is a function of heat and humidity and is very high outdoors. We do not have as much mold in homes due to modern heating and air conditioning. If you’re spending time outdoors and are mold sensitive you’re definitely going to have issues. One tip in regard to outdoor allergens: Most of the plants of Spring tend to pollenate in the morning hours, so I would recommend going outside in the last two hours of sunlight. As we move into Summer all bets are off. In the Summer air quality goes down with the heat and humidity. I recommend you go outdoors in the early morning hours if you need to be outside.- Dr. Errington


Thank you for visiting Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center’s pollen and mold counter page. We update this information each day during allergy season, based on the data we receive from our central Charlotte location. Check back frequently to see which specific allergens are present in the air. Please note that on rainy days, we are unable to count pollen and mold levels, but we’ll be back the next dry day!

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