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Can Allergies Be Cured?

Many times when we receive a diagnosis we are given medications which can help our body heal and, with time, we are sometimes cured. Yet allergy medications work only for symptom control. This may have you wondering, are allergies curable? Is there a treatment you’re missing? Why Are Allergies so Hard to Cure? Why is […]

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Near the I-485 loop, our Ballantyne asthma and allergy office is easily accessible for patients seeking asthma care or allergy treatment in the south Charlotte area. Located in Ballantyne Corporate Place, our allergy clinic is nearby The Golf Club at Ballantyne, Carolina Place Mall, and Pineville. Appointments with an asthma and allergy specialist are available five days week for patients seeking asthma treatment, allergy testing, and treatment of allergy symptoms. Our shot room is open Monday through Friday for patients undergoing Immunotherapy (allergy shots). Call us today to schedule an appointment to diagnose your food allergy, skin allergy, or asthma symptoms.

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