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Rylan P.

When Rylan was only four days old, she came down with RSV and was hospitalized for nearly two weeks. We were warned that she would have trouble breathing most of her life. Since then, she has been hospitalized several times for asthma exacerbations as well as other breathing problems. She had been receiving treatment from a different clinic for six years. We didn’t feel the treatment was working as well as it should and sought a second opinion.

Rylan began to see Dr. Emily Langley, who told us we would figure out a treatment plan. During our first appointment we discovered through Rylan’s blood work that certain allergies were elevated and that her asthma was not controlled. Rylan was using her rescue inhaler daily & sometimes three-plus times a day. Dr. Langley told me we needed to make some big changes in Rylan’s medications.

Once we started our new treatment plan, we noticed amazing results almost immediately. We are now over a year in, and she has tapered down dosages on many medications. She hardly ever uses her rescue inhaler. Her pulmonary function tests have improved drastically. She can now run outside barefoot without having any reactions. She can also love on our dogs again. Before seeing Dr. Langley as soon as she went outside she could only be out for five minutes before we had to use emergency inhalers, steroids and Benadryl, etc. Her eyes stayed puffy, her nose constantly ran, and she felt miserable most days because she couldn’t breathe.

Today, at age seven, Rylan plays outside for hours, even on high allergen days, and does amazing! I’m so thankful that Dr. Langley took the time and energy to understand and treat her. It’s exciting to see our daughter so healthy now!

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