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Cherilyn H.

My day would start out waking up to wheezing and feeling tired. I felt like I was distracting others with my constant sneezing. When traveling, my condition/symptoms would surface and I had no idea why. Dr. Herring listened intently to my plea to what I called getting my life back which was to be able to spend the night with my Mom, stay in hotels and get to work without using 10 tissues and to wake up feeling rested and not tired wheezing. After making several changes, like removing 16 yr old carpet, 30 year old mattress, and buying dust and mite covers I began to see changes. I am now spending the night with my 70 year old Mom, waking up not feeling tired and no more sneezing at work every day. I can also travel and when or if my conditions surface, I know why and how to make concessions to ease the symptoms or eliminate.

The nurses were the only people in my life who understood why I felt the way I did. After years of telling family and friends, I can’t breathe in hotel or that feel bad when I wake up, or have to dismiss myself at dinner or a friend’s because my sneezing and nose running is out of control. The nurses understood and helped me understand my progress along the way and that this will get better.

As I began to make progress the nurses remind me of how far I had come based on what I call a severe case of allergies and mild asthma at 50. Knowing others could see my progress and were proud to see me get my life back meant the world to me.

Don’t wait like I did thinking allergies are not something that can cause you to be tired, put things off in life, not feel good or to think there is no help that its just allergies. Its not just allergies it’s your life so get the help like I did.