Understanding the Differences Between Flu, Allergy, Cold, and COVID-19 Symptoms

woman with Covid Mask on. Covid vs. Flu vs. cold vs. allergies

Distinguishing between flu, allergy, cold, and COVID-19 symptoms is crucial for several reasons. First, knowing what you’re dealing with can help you ensure you’re effectively treating and managing your symptoms. Additionally, you’ll be able to avoid infecting others if you’re contagious. Not only can failing to treat the correct illness leave you suffering from symptoms […]

Charlotte, NC: A Haven for Winter Allergies

puppy and pet allergy free girl napping on couch

Did you know that allergies occur year-round and winter allergies can be as severe as spring and summer allergies? In Charlotte, North Carolina mild winters and sizzling summer days are no relief for allergy sufferers during the winter months. It’s pretty much always allergy season around here. In order to manage these allergies effectively and […]

What Causes Allergies Later in Life?


With the back-and-forth weather, your allergy symptoms might have started back up. It’s confusing for many of us. You probably have a friend or family member in your life who doesn’t understand your allergy symptoms, because they don’t have them. Perhaps they had allergies as a child that they outgrew. Maybe they’ve never experienced allergies […]

Teaming up to make Halloween safe and fun for kids with food allergies

Halloween is a fun time for kids of all ages. It’s an opportunity to dress up in costumes, transform your home and yard with spooky decorations, and greet trick or treaters with tasty treats. But, for the 1 in 13 children with food allergies—and many more impacted by food sensitivities and other pediatric allergies—this annual […]

Don’t Let Allergies Keep you Indoors this Fall

The weather is lovely in fall and everyone wants to get outside and enjoy it. There are lots of  fun things to do in and around Charlotte, NC during the fall months. Activities include everything from hiking to hayrides and apple picking to collecting an array of colorful fall leaves. Other activities include: Fishing & […]

Chronic Stuffy Nose: Is it Allergies or Sinusitis?


Sometimes, despite aggressive allergy treatment, nasal congestion persists.  It’s possible that the culprit is sinusitis. Whether you are seeking a diagnosis, treatment, or ongoing management for sinusitis, we are here to guide you through every step of your journey. With our expertise and compassionate care, you can find relief from sinus-related allergies and enjoy optimal […]

Living Better Through Allergy Season


by Richard C. Herring, M.D. When we think of spring and summer, we think of flowers blooming, nice weather, outdoors, sports. But all of this can be interrupted if you are one of over 40 million Americans who suffer from seasonal allergies or asthma. Hay fever symptoms of ongoing runny nose, congestion, sneezing, itchiness, can […]

Dining Out with Food Allergies

For those with food allergies, dining out can be a stressful and complicated experience. Raquel Durban, Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center’s Registered Dietitian, who specializes in the dietary management of families with food allergies shares her tips on dining out with food allergies.  She strives to empower those with food allergies to take action to […]

May is National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month

We’re proud to support National Asthma & Allergy Awareness Month throughout the month of May 2023.  As allergy & asthma specialists this awareness month is near & dear to our hearts. We celebrate this every month & every day striving to raise awareness & care for patients living with asthma & allergies. We work to […]

How to Use an EpiPen


We have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you understand all there is to know about Epinephrine injectors like EpiPens® and Auvi-Qs®, from what they are and how they work, to when and how to use them on yourself or someone else. Additionally, we’ll be covering key information such as dosages, expiration dates, storage, and […]