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Be Ready for Valentine’s Day

Posted on: February 07, 2023
We don’t need a day to share our love, but it’s still fun to celebrate!
A few tips to make this Valentine’s special if a loved one has Allergies &/or Asthma.
1. Skip the scents. Stay away from perfumes, scented items like candles & lotions, and even fragrant flowers. These may cause allergy symptoms and asthma flare ups.
2. Read your labels. Check candy or food you select to ensure it doesn’t contain any food allergens.
3. Get crafty. Creating something handmade is always special. It can be something you do as a family too!
4. Select non-candy treats for your little ones or the whole family. There are a ton of fun options that everyone will enjoy.
4. Clean up around the house. Removing dust & vacuuming may be your Valentine’s dream come true. Also, replace any old air filters so everyone is breathing cleaner.
4. Be thoughtful. Thinking of something your Valentine will enjoy goes so far. It doesn’t need to be costly. Get creative! Maybe a nice dinner at home? Maybe pick out a book, board game, allergen-free dessert, or gift-card to their favorite store, could be just what your Valentine’s desires? 
Whatever you choose, enjoy this special day. And…if you’re not feeling that your allergies or asthma is controlled, we can help! We have 14 convenient locations in & around Charlotte & beyond!  Breathe < Live < Thrive


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