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What are allergy headaches?

Headaches are very common, with approximately 50% of Americans experiencing one per month. Sinus and allergy headaches are caused by sinus disease around a person’s nasal passages. Specialists consider sinus headaches to be rare, and often mistaken for migraines. If you think you may be suffering from headaches that stem from allergies contact your doctor for an evaluation.

What causes allergy headaches?

Allergy headaches can be caused by the following triggers:

• Sinus congestion
• Exposure to allergens

What are the symptoms of allergy headaches?

Symptoms of allergy and sinus headaches can vary by person. It’s important to consult with your allergist if you suspect you are suffering from allergy headaches. Some symptoms include:
• Headaches and allergy symptoms occurring concurrently
• Headaches with pain in other areas of the face
• Pressure around eyes and cheeks
• Nausea

How are allergy headaches diagnosed?

Your allergist will review your medical history and discuss symptoms with you. An allergy test may be recommended to better understand what you are allergic to. If allergens are the cause of your headaches, treatment will be discussed.

How are allergy headaches treated?

If you suffer from allergy and sinus headaches, several things may provide relief.
• Avoid/limit exposure to airborne allergens
• Take allergy medication daily, such as an antihistamine or decongestant. Daily use of nasal decongestant sprays should be avoided.
• Talk to your doctor about allergy shots if you are suffering from allergies that are difficult to manage

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