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Stinging Insect Allergies: Treatment, Testing, and Prevention

What is a stinging insect allergy? Each year millions of Americans are stung by bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and fire [...]

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Rhinitis: Non Allergic and Allergic Rhinitis

What is rhinitis? Often referred to as nasal allergies, rhinitis occurs when a person inhales allergens. This may lead to [...]

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What is sinusitis?

You're coughing and sneezing and tired and achy. You think that you might be getting a cold. Later, when the [...]

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How will I be tested for an allergy?

Percutaneous (prick) testing, intradermal testing and RAST testing are the methods used to determine what allergens people are allergic to. [...]

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How does asthma affect pregnancy?

Increasing evidence indicates that uncontrolled asthma is a possible threat to maternal and fetal survival and fetal growth.  The goals [...]

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What is exercise induced asthma?

Exercise Induced Asthma Symptoms Up to 85% of asthmatics have symptoms of wheezing during or following exercise. In addition, many [...]

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What is Occupational Asthma?

Occupational asthma is generally defined as a respiratory disorder directly related to inhaling fumes, gases, or dust while "on the [...]

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How does the body react to asthma?

During an asthma attack, the following happen: The muscle surrounding the airway tightens. The lining of the airways become swollen. [...]

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What are Hives?

So, You've Been Diagnosed with Hives! by Richard S. Roberts, M.D. Do you really have the Hives? Don’t despair. You’re not [...]

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