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What are allergy skin prick and intradermal tests?

Allergy skin prick, also known as percutaneous testing, and intradermal tests are utilized to determine what allergens people are allergic to. During a skin prick test, allergens are placed on a patient’s skin and the skin is lightly scratched. After 15 minutes, the skin is checked for a reaction. The severity of the allergy is determined by the size of the reaction.

If the skin prick test is negative, your doctor may conduct intradermal testing. This type of allergy test is done by injecting allergens under the skin. After 15 minutes the skin is checked for a reaction.

How accurate are skin prick and intradermal tests?

Allergy tests are a very accurate and convenient way to diagnose allergens.

Are skin prick and intradermal tests painful?

Patients who experience minor or negative reactions to allergy tests often experience minimal to no pain. Individuals who experience positive reactions may experience itching or red bumps that subside with time.